1. tbd-movie:


    1. Midnight Sun 00:50           
    2. Ten Little Warlords 02:09           
    3. Famine Bomb Fever 00:49
    4. Zero Sum 01:04

    Any proceeds from this EP will go to fund TBD: The Movie:

    TBD: The Movie is an anthology of short science-fiction movies linked together by a story involving Ronald Reagan and a talking stalk of celery. The format and story behind TBD: The Movie are a direct result of decisions reached through group consensus using social media and online survey tools. We are dedicated to the idea of remaining “crowd-sourced”.

    Donate to the Indiegogo campaign for the production

    Read the film proposal on scribd.com
    Read or download the feature length script
    Review the complete budget

    Take a look at the short films going into TBD: The Movie:
    The Braincrimes of Harris Smith
    Publishing Deal
    Sleep Study

    Narrated by Ronald Reagan

    TBD: The Movie House of Swag @ storenvy.com
    TBD: The Mixtape 2 @ bandcamp.com

    We are proud to present this motivational EP, to the fans of TBD and the fans of The TV People. Please enjoy responsibly.

    Vanish to this at midnight.

  2. tbd-movie:


    Let’s make a trailer! All sorts of funky fun art is needed. Especially since we haven’t filmed anything yet. We can at least do better than this video of me in the front yard…

    Reward: Your choice: (1) RAD GRAB BAG LITE - anything from a SUPER RAD SWAG GRAB BAG that I can fit in a small priority mail box, shipped to your home address OR (2) a personalized thank-you video by Mr. Scradam

    We’re going to get real weird with it…

    Puppets dude…

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    I want everything on the store.

  4. ZWIAN is experiencing Worlds of Fun today. (at Worlds of Fun)

  5. tbd-movie:

    Here’s a illustrated board by skatelofi that is available right now as a perk through our indiegogo campaign!