1. schmutz-o-matic:

    Colored some LA Gears and made
    some eggz stickers for my buddy’s take one box on 39th street

    Its easter, y’all

    I want a goose that lays golden LA Gears

  2. Johnny on the Spot Phasic Laser

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  3. tbd-movie:


    Discussing the Narrator - TBD: The Movie

    Schmutz-O-Matic and I came up with this one together:

    Remember the Twilight Zone episode It’s A Good Life? (it was also used as one of the stories for the 1980’s movie). Remember the kid who could make anything happen in the real world just by using his imagination?

    For TBD, what if we start the movie watching a child play alone with some toys. He assembles a scene out of toys that reflects the beginning of one of the short movies. Slowly the child’s surroundings turn into the first scene of the short. He watches as the characters begin the narrative. Then he disappears as an absent observer until the short has come to an end. He reappears for the final scene and watches things end. The vision fades away and he continues playing with his toys until the next short begins.

    What do you think? Should a child be our narrator?

    The Ronald Reagan idea got another vote yesterday, which leaves it tied in the running with this idea. Who do you favor? Ronald Reagan? Or a naive, innocent child with God-like abilities? Or are they the same thing?

    Who (or what) should narrate TBD: The Movie?

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  4. TBD superior! All other movies- inferior!

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  5. Sheila E - The Glamorous Life (Live 1985) (by debandana)

    you’re welcome