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    Greaserama 2014 - Mr. Scradam quick pics

    Here’s a preview of yesterday’s Greaserama (The Midwest’s Original Punk Rock Car Show). High quality photos and a video are on the way, courtesy of TIffany from Jeweled Eye Photography. For now, please enjoy these poorly framed photos direct from my phone.

    We had a blast handing out fliers and raising interest in the movie, as well as the TBD BEEF AND BEER BBQ. What do you think? If someone offered you a chance to be featured in a low-budget Mad Max knock-off, would YOU be down?



  2. tbd-movie:

    I’m not cheap, you understand

    I’m just a cut price person in a low-budget land

    A THOUSAND THANK-YOUs TO THE FOLKS WHO DONATED TO OUR INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN! Later this afternoon I’ll be posting an outline of exactly how that money will get spent. GoPro to the rescue! lol

    Art takes time and time takes money

    Money is scarce, and that ain’t funny

    (but it is kinda funny if you think about it the right way)


  3. Just had the cops kick a sex offender out of the local park where our kid is playing

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