1. tbd-movie:

    postmoderncorruption here
    Hope you enjoy
    This random piece
    I made in support
    Of your TBD project
    Looking forward to
    Everything from this
    Keep up the amazing work


    Thanks PMC!!!

    I feel like I need to shut down the system and blow on the cartridge then re-insert it at a slight angle before continuing to play.

  2. thedailydoodles:

    "Better Living Through Chemistry"

    Her mind goes up and down, as she’s unable to control
    All of the horrible feelings she feels deep within her soul
    She knows her brain is a liar, while it festers and congeals
    And she just wants some modicum of control over the way she feels.

    So she tries to escape the void by trying pills of every kind
    Prescribed different combinations to see what she can find
    The right balance is quite tricky, and the side effects are a chore
    She still wants to be herself, and not a soulless vacant bore.

    Searching through the galaxy to discover what works for her
    It can take months to know if it’s working, and the days become a blur
    In the empty void for so long, it’s hard to know what feels right
    But she’ll settle for not wanting to tear her face off, each and every night

    Hopefully someday soon she’ll be comfortable in her own skin,
    And until that time comes, she can only try and try again.

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  3. tbd-movie:

    a message from mr. scradam and tbd: the movie


    T-shirt provided by watermellonworld - GIF by ZWIAN


  4. Dressed to chill.

  5. lulz-time:

    dealing with anxiety


    (via wilwheaton)